Birla Cable Limited

Multi tube Single Sheath Unarmoured Cable

  • Single layer S-Z stranded construction.
  • Flexible buffer tubes provide easy fibre routing inside closure.
  • Light in weight, hence easy to install.
  • 2000/ 3000/ 4000 meters ± 5%.
  • Loose buffer tubes fully filled, S-Z Stranded.
  • Cable core fully filled with jelly ( also available in dry core).
  • Glass yarn can be used as peripheral strength member.
  • UV Stablized PE outer sheath, black ( also available with FR PVC & HFFR).

Drop Cable

  • FRP / ARP rod as strength member.
  • Steel wire as integrated messenger wire.
  • Easy access to the fibres.
  • Quick Cable Entry & Easy-Peel.
  • Low insertion and back reflection loss.
  • Good durability.
  • High temperature stability.
  • Clean, Gel-Free, Dry Design.

Indoor Drop Cable

  • Up to 2 enhance low water peak single mode fibres in full compliance with ITU-T-G.652.D (also available with G657 SM Fibre and OM1 / OM2 / OM3 & OM4 MM Fibre).
  • FRP / ARP rod as strength member.
  • Fast Installation.
  • Easy Seal in Closures.
  • Maximization of Duct Space.
  • Flame Retardant Sheath.


OFC Cables

  • 288 fibers.
  • Robust, yet slim design.
  • Fits in micro ducts with an ID of ≥14 mm.
  • Bend resistant G657A1 fibers.
  • 12 fibers per tube for easy installation.
  • Excellent installation performance.
  • Easy to prepare and identify fibers.
  • Extremely low optical attenuation.
  • Extra wide temperature range of operation.